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Der Composites United e.V. bietet Ihnen mit CCiiot die Möglichkeit, Ihre Produktion einfach und sicher zu digitalisieren und im unternehmensübergreifenden Austausch zu optimieren.






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With CCiiot, Composites United e.V. offers you the opportunity to connect your machining centers, visualize data securely and confidentially, and analysze it across companies as needed. This gives you insights that help optimize production processes, develop new business models, monitor quality inline, digitize customer service and ultimately increase competitiveness.



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Optimize your production with CCiiot!


Detect quality deviations: Quality variations in raw materials as well as in the workpieces are detected. Quality data no longer have to bel collected separately after the end of processing, but are collected in the process by the sensor technology involved.


Sustainability in production: Thanks to increased efficiency in the processes, fewer rejects are produced, resources are used more efficiently, energy and materials are saved.


Economical and decentralized use of skilled labor: Work steps can be eliminated thanks to inline quality control or become significantly less labor-intensive.


Increased productivity: Machines can run faster, increasing throughput, shortening delivery times and creating competitive advantages.


Longer tool life: Tools and equipment can be used better and longer.





Exclusivity, know-how protection and optimization potential - all this os offered by CCiiot


CCiiot is specially tailored to your needs in the field of machining.


What is particularly important to us: data sovereignty and know-how protection. Your data is shared or released among the players at their own discretion and used individually for evaluations. All parties gain previously hidden insights into their value network, but retain sovereignty over their own data and know-how.


With CCiiot you increase your productivity, quality and ultimately your competitiveness.





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